Subsee Explorer Pty Ltd, trading as Subsee Australia, was founded in 1984 and has an established reputation as the world leader in semi-submarine technology.

Subsee Australia's first semi-submarine built in 1984 revolutionised tourist reef viewing, which spurred reef tourist operators to introduce the new technology. Subsee has continually developed the semi-submarine to a sophisticated design, yet practical to operate.

The "Subsee" semi-submarines are still very much in demand. Numerous other aluminium fast ferries, tourist pontoons and glass bottom boats have been developed by Subsee Australia along side the semi- submarines.

Subsee Australia has constructed in excess of 50 semi-submersible viewers for the national and international market and Subsee continues its innovations for viewing the underwater realm, with the latest concept now under construction at their Cairns factory.

Above & Below: Centre Console Semi-Submarine by Subsee Australia

  1. Economical & efficient design
  2. Aluminium construction
  3. Carries up to 46 passengers
  4. Suitable for use in sheltered waters

Omniviewer semi-submersible by English Engineering

The innovative "Omniviewer" semi-submarine, with an impressive underwater viewing area of 34m will give passengers a truly immersed sensation (compared to a viewing area of 14m aboard previous vessels with identical passenger capacity).

Demonstrating its versatility Subsee Australia has recently designed and constructed a unique 24 metre, 38 berth live aboard dive vessel, the first apparently to be constructed on the Australian east coast for quite some time.

Pro Dive Cairns vessel by English Engineering

Prodive, the Cairns based owners, liased with Subsee Australia to produce a vessel to satisfy the most discerning international diver. Customer reaction was excellent.

Subsee Australia can provide services to conduct site surveys, market research and advice on tourism ventures, as it has the experience as a semi-submarine/coral viewing operator.

Subsee has current interest in several international joint ventures and can offer entire packages (pontoon, transfer vessel and under water viewing craft) and will consider further joint ventures.

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